CTK: Gibbs Eagles

Knoxville, Tenn.--(UTSports) Our countdown to kickoff continues tonight with Gibbs High School.
The Eagles are coming up a playoff season and they expect to be back in the post season once again this year. Coach Brad Conley likes the skill position players he has on the roster. The only he likes more than that is the senior leadership and experience that Gibbs brings to the table this season.

Coach Conley says, "...some have started since they were Sophomores. So when you look at guys like Hunter Lane and Preston Booth and Brendan Wilson you feel really good about where those kids are and the type of leadership they provide."
Gibbs quarterback Preston Booth added, "I think we need to play every team knowing that we can beat them and not seeing somebody that's big and fast and thinking 'oh no, we can't win."

Gibbs has the special honor of opening the season on TV. The Eagles play at Carter on the first rivalry Thursday game of the season which kicks off in just 10 days.

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