CTK: Pigeon Forge Tigers

PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- When Pigeon Forge practices, it does so with momentum, as the Tigers won their first ever playoff game in 2013.

The Tigers' final record was 6-6, but second year head coach Scott Meadows points out that it could have been much better.

"We were just five points away from winning nine games," Meadows said.

Learning how to win games in the fourth quarter will go a long way toward Pigeon Forge taking the next step.

Meadows says effort, and sacrifice, won't be an issue for his team this fall.

"They are playing for each other, more so this year. I'm real excited about watching this group play. They push each other and continuously have gotten better."

Quarterback Tanner Sharp echoes his coach's sentiments on a team that has the desire and determination to take the next step.

" We are more excited about the season than we were last year," Sharp said.

"We have seniors that are stepping up,a bunch of juniors that are stepping up. Everybody wants to be a leader on the team."

Pigeon Forge opens up the season on the road a Cosby August 22.

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