Camp Tyndall underway at UT

Knoxville, Tenn. (WVLT) -- It's been a whirlwind month or so for Donnie basketball.. coach Tyndall is named top Vol.
He hit the ground recruiting. Traveled the Southeast with the Big Orange Caravan and all that before the calendar turned to June.
And he says he's having fun doing it in front of the Vol faithful.

Donnie Tyndall:"...Tennessee is a football school. I understand that. I'll never be insecure about that. We have very, very passionate basketball fans here that love our sport and want us to do well, and that's a good thing.

The self-prcolaimed gym rat is having some fun this week, where else, in
the gym, during the first ever camp Tyndall at Tennessee:

Donnie Tyndall:"...It's a great opportunity to help them get better, help them to improve, and just have a great week and enjoy themselves. So it's a great opportunity for me and our staff.

Also underway this week are off-season workouts for Coach Tyndall's
team, one which includes several new players:

Josh Richardson:"...I feel like they work hard. I have weights with a couple of them and we definitely went hard in the weight room the other day and they play hard on the court. We've been playing pick-up for the last week, so...

Richardson will provide senior leadership for this new group of Vols, in fact, coach Tyndall says he'll demand it:

Donnie Tyndall:"...No, he has to lead. If he doesn't lead our team I'm kicking him off. It's that simple. But ya know, he's a guy who so far has embraced that role.

Also ready to accept a leadership role is 5-Star guard Robert Hubbs, who stuck with the new staff after watching his now former teammates leave:

Robert Hubbs:"...Oh yeah, he definitely has to step up and be the leader this year. I'm gonna' be right behind him. I know he's a senior, but I know my time is coming.

Coach Tyndall says the door is wide open to former Vols like Cam Tatumwho was helping out at Camp on Tuesday... Cam says he's impressed with UT's new leadership:

Cameron Tatum:"...You know like he said today, there's gonna be no cool jackets. And that means ya know guys trying to come in being to cool, ya want everyone to come in and be blue collar and work hard. So, you know like I said I think they're gonna' get the program on the right track.

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