Christian School's Sportsmanship Scrutinized after 108 to 3 Loss

Some Utah high school sports fans are crying foul, accusing a girl’s basketball team of running up the score and beating a school for at-risk kids 108 to 3.

On Tuesday night the West Ridge Academy girls basketball team lost by 105 points to Christian Heritage.

West Ridge backers say Christian Heritage School was not sportsmanlike with the win, accusing them of piling on the points and keeping their starting line-up in the entire game.

“Were they running up the score or could they have done something different? I don't know. I wasn't there. But most teams have their J.V. dressed because they know we are not that great,” said Jamie Keefer, West Ridge Academy Athletic Director.

West Ridge says most of the girls on their team have not been involved in sports before. The academy is for kids that are struggling with drugs or family issues.

After the fallout, Christian Heritage School contacted West Ridge and apologized for the game.

The two schools will face off once again on February 3

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