Coaches discuss playoff format at KFOA Media Day

Knoxville, Tenn. (WVLT) -- With 40 plus coaches at the annual KFOA media day, this was the prime time moment to pick the brains of these coaches about the playoff proposals facing Tennesee football. Two things were the overwhelming theme. 1. Everyone has an opinion. 2. A change needs to be made.

Lamar Brown: I like the big 32.
George Quarles: Tennessee can't go that big. It's too watered down.
Wes Jones: Whatever we decide, let's do it, and then not change it. We need rivalries on Friday night.
Brad Conley: I've been coaching for over 20 years and I can't recall all the playoff systems that we have had.
Scott Cummings: Bottom line, it doesn't come down to travel. It comes down to making money.

They'll vote next month about the future of the Tennessee playoff system. Whatever is decided, this I assure. Not everyone will be happy. In East Knox County at 3 Ridges Golf Course, Daryl Hobby, VLT Local 8 Sports.

Playoff possibilities include: Keep it the same... go back to how it was prior to 2008. The third would establish a new class 6-a, made up of the 32 biggest schools. The rest of the schools would fill out the remaining five classes. Under this plan, all those schools, regardless of record, make the playoffs. Those 32 schools would then be divided up into 4-regions...

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