Cobb returns home to Alcoa for camp

ALCOA, Tenn. - Some say you can never go home again. Randall Cobb is not one of those people. The Packer wide receiver returned to his hometown of Alcoa, Tennessee to host a free camp for 250 kids from the area.

Cobb feels that he owes it to the town. "You know this community, this neighborhood, this town gave so much to me growing up. And just to be able to give back to them in different ways is just a blessing," Cobb says.

It wasn't so long ago that the 22-year old played on that exact same field, working towards playing in the NFL. Motivating the kids at his camp was very important to Cobb. "The biggest thing is that I inspire them to know to chase something bigger than what they are here doing today. Whether that be in education or any aspect of life really," Cobb stated.

The biggest goal of the camp is not to get the kids NFL ready. It's much more modest, but every bit as important. It's to get them off the couch and back outside. "You can have fun outside. I don't think kids understand that concept anymore. So just getting them outside and teaching them the importance of exercise and healthy eating. I think they are buying into some of the things we are trying to tell them," Cobb says.

The third year pro was also impressed with some of the talent that he saw on the field. "I've seen a whole lot of athletes, but that doesn't surprise me. We've always had a lot of athletes in this area. And they're doing great right now."

If Cobb is successful in inspiring some of the campers, just maybe one of them will be the next Randall Cobb.

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