Combine to benefit football players and cancer patients

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - For many high school football players, getting noticed by college coaches can be a challenge.

"It's very difficult. You have to stay on top of it," says Grace Christian quarterback Devin Smith.

Thankfully there is an up coming event that will let high school athletes from Knoxville and the surrounding area show off their stuff for college coaches. The South Eastern Challenge will allow players to show off their stuff in the typical combine events."

Event co-founder Michael Petsuck believes that this may give some of the players that may normally slip the cracks an opportunity to shine. "To give them an opportunity to give their individual talents and show their skill sets and hopefully as a result of that to get some additional offers that they may not have gotten before," states Petsuck.

Besides the normal drills will be some fun side events like a strongest arm contest for the quarterbacks. But what makes this combine standout is the fact that the money raised goes to the charity Kidz Team which works with youths with cancer.

"What that charity does specifically is it helps the newly diagnosed cancer patients. And Kidz Team is the only charity in the nation that offers time sensitive assistance to cancer patients," says Bryan Butler, event co-founder.

It's an opportunity for athletes to impress college coaches while helping children battle cancer. It's a rare opportunity for a true win-win scenario on a football field.

The event takes place on May 4th at Catholic High School. It is open to ages 14 and up and the cost is $50. For more information check out

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