Countdown To Kickoff: Jefferson County

Knoxville, Tenn.--(WVLT-TV) Kenny Cobble's Jeff County Patriots are coming off a terrific 8-3 season, one which saw the Pats make it to the first round of the TSSAA playoffs...
Coach Cobble says both the strength and weakness of his team will be in the trenches. He returns an experienced offensive line, but three of the four starters are new on the defensive front. That experience; however on O-line is key considering the Pats love to run the football. Coach Cobble says, "...any time you've got Dearies Jones and Malik Styles in the backfield we feel like we've got a chance, certainly we need to get a lot better and improve our physicality up front, we've got to get a lot more intense than it has been here the past week."
Quarterback Malik Stles told Local8 Sports he's expecting his offense to be even better this season, "...hopefully we'll do a little bit better this year I mean every year you want to get better everyday we get ready everyday we work hard, it's game time."
The patriots open the season Thursday August 29th at Central in our weekly Rivalry Thursday game on MyVLT.

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