Girl changing the face of youth football

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LAKE CITY, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Football is a time honored tradition this time of year and while you're cheering on the pros, there's another player out there blitzing the competition.

Her name is Brooke Hicks and for the last 5 years she's been playing youth football in Lake City.

Brooke Hicks said "On defense I play nose guard and on offense I play right guard and tackle."

Brooke's mom, Treasure explained how it all started "When Brooke was little we would go watch her older sister cheer at youth football games. Brooke would always cry sitting in the stands and would stop once we put her on the football field."

A game she was destined to play and with hard work and practice she's earning the respect of her teammates on the field.

"The guys on the team depend on me to guard them. They're always asking me to block them so they don't get hit or hurt and I don't want to see that so I get a lot of confidence from them believing in me." said Brooke

But not everyone in the youth football world is convinced about having a girl play football.

"You'll hear comments when you're at the field and playing another team but after a few plays they can see she can play the game and isn't just another girl on the field." said Treasure

As for the future, Brooke said she's taking one day at a time and making sure she has a strong foundation before moving on.

Brooke said "You can't set one goal and just expect it to happen. Peyton Manning isn't going to come on the field and ask me to play for the Colts; I have to work for it and prove myself."

High school and college football are on her radar now and as her Mom said "She's very good at what she does, she just happens to be a girl."

For Brooke, she knows she can do it "I'm the whole package-- personality, passion, dedication and confidence."

Qualities that will take her far in life; no matter what she does.

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