Grace Christian football player reunites with team

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- A day after returning home from the hospital, Grace Christian Academy running back Will McKamey met with his teamates Wednesday afternoon.

Local 8 News was there for McKamey's short but sweet visit since he was rushed to the hospital last week.

"We have a game plan for everything but that was one thing I didn't have," said Randy McKamey, his father and coach.

McKamey, number 24, collapsed during a game at South Pittsburgh Friday night. His mom Kara McKamey said she saw him sit on the sidelines after a touchdown and 2-point conversion.

"Will doesn't sit down ever during a game, so I knew immediately something was wrong," Kara said.

That's when he collapsed. Medical crews flew him to Erlanger Medical Center in Chatanooga where he spent a few days in the ICU as doctors watched him closely.

His parents said the outpouring of support during these past few days have been incredible.

A full recovery is going to take some time, but once he's completely recovered the McKamey's will start talking about what's next.

"I have a hard time even thinking about watching him in uniform at this point," Kara said.

"I never ruled it out. After friday night, I would just have to say as emotional as it was God worked miracles. I've learned to never say never," Randy said.

Will's parents don't expect this injury to impact his future at the Naval Academy.

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