HS football teams get in practice at Maryville College

MARYVILLE, Tenn. - Any coach will tell you anytime you step on the field it's another chance to get better. That was the case with teams facing some top level talent at Maryville College's perimeter passing camp.

Clinton head coach Josh Kerr was pleased with what he saw from his team. "What I like from our kids is our competitive edge. We've got to keep our edge up. This is four pretty intense matches we had. We had good competition."

Alcoa head coach Gary Rankin used the passing camp as a chance to work on his teams depth. "The big thing about this is you get a lot of reps that you couldn't get against yourself. That's the big advantage for us. We get to work a lot of kids. Get a lot of reps and just try to find some players,' says Rankin.

While people had their eye on offense, many coaches were curious as to how their defenses would respond. "I think the defense gets more than the offense does. We can do a lot of different combo coverages and make sure we've got that down," says Pigeon Forge head coach Scott Meadows.

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