Halls basketball led by Moore family

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Randy Moore of Halls loves coaching basketball. He also loves being dad. This year he can do both at the same time since both of his sons play for the Red Devils.

It's something Randy Moore is very thankful for. "I love coaching them. It's heaven on the floor cause I'm there everyday with them. I'm in school with them and they are playing for me, so it's awesome. It's really a great feeling."

While the brothers enjoy playing for their dad, they also understand that being the coaches son means extra scrutiny from their dad on the court. "It gets tough sometimes. He's hard on me, but it's a great experience," says Braxton Moore, Sophomore guard for Halls.

Coach Moore says that he does a good job of not taking his coaching role home. But every once in a while the coach in him can come out at the dinner table. "There are times I'm like 'hey, pass the mashed potatoes and, uh, you need to box out.' So yeah I do that sometimes, you know, but other than that I just try to keep it daddy and sons at home."

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