Could Peyton Manning become QB for the Titans?

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Could Peyton Manning become QB for the Titians? Well, two brothers from Nashville started an internet campaign called and they say it could happen!

Todd and Griffin Mayo are big Vol fans and even bigger Manning fans; they want Peyton back in Tennessee playing for the Titans.

Todd Mayo, co-creator of the website told us "We felt like as football fans it was only natural because of the Titan's offensive line, receiver Kenny Britt, Chris Johnson in the backfield and we're 30 million under the cap. It's kind of the perfect storm."

They scored a touchdown when their website,, went viral on Monday.

"We thought why don't we ask people for donations of $5 or $10 and we will take all the money and market directly to Peyton" said Mayo

The game plan included radio ads that are airing in Indianapolis and digital billboards on I-65, right through the heart of the city.

The billboards are simple and to the point saying "Hey Peyton... You're going the wrong way" and "Peyton, the citizens of Tennessee want you back! Please Peyton... pretty please."

It might be a long shot but these brothers are passionate when it comes to football and the love for their home state!

Mayo said "We're going to do everything we can to try and built momentum. At least we'll let him know how much he is loved and wanted in Tennessee."