John Morris working with area QBs

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - John Morris has been keeping busy this summer, working with quarterbacks on the weekends at Halls High School.

"Well, the big thing is to let the kids get out and have some time to do some reps and run some things and just improve their fundamental skills, basically is what we're looking for," says Morris

Not only has he worked with many starting qbs in the greater Knoxville area he also has student-athletes drive in from across the state. Including one quarterback from Tullahoma has been making the nine hour round trip each weekend.

"Obviously it's made me a lot better. I've come here for about 2 months now. And I've shown improvement every single day I've been here. Especially after the first day, I showed a lot of improvement," Tullahoma quarterback Eli Grow states.

It's not just in-state athletes that show up. A group of 13 players from Florida came up recently, 9 of which hold D-1 offers. Morris believes they help the area QBs and WRs to grow as well. "It does a lot for these kids to see the Florida athletes as well, because those young men that came in here were pretty good ballplayers."

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