Kevin Harvick signs for fans in Morristown

MORRISTOWN, Tenn. - Kevin Harvick is a fan favorite and it's easy to see why. The NASCAR driver seems at ease with fans, both young and old. Harvick was in Morristown Wednesday morning signing for fans at the opening of the new Ollie's store.

The 21 time race winner doesn't take his popularity for granted. "You see all the fans and we've been fortunate to have a pretty loyal following throughout the years. So it's always fun to get to different places," said Harvick

Harvick praised the knowledge of NASCAR fans in East Tennessee. "Well, they're pretty knowledgeable, that's for sure. As far as being a part of our sport for a very long time. And Bristol is such a huge part of our sport."

The 37 year old RCR driver signed all sorts of items for fans on Thursday. Harvick says the oddest things that he has ever signed are not parts off a car. It's actually parts off of people. "The prosthetic limbs are always interesting. The guy pops his leg off and says here's your leg. That's probably one of the more unique ways to be presented with an item at an autograph session."

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