Lee Smith prepares for season 3 in Buffalo

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - Entering his third year in the NFL, former Powell Panther Lee Smith is still amazed at the opportunity he has. "It's still surreal. Walking into the facility and realizing that I'm playing in the NFL at the highest level of competition," Smith says.

Despite a good two seasons in Buffalo Smith knows that his position is not guaranteed. "They're always looking for my replacement and I have to insure them that they can't find it. And that's the harsh reality of this business. The best player is going to play regardless. And if I'm the best player that's great for me and my family," Smith says.

And it's the love of his family that drives Smith on every play. He is motivated every snap to perform for the "5 other people" (his wife and 4 kids) who count on him.

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