Momma Dooley on the Defense

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.(WVLT)--Barbara Dooley has never backed down
from a fight, especially if she thinks her family is being unfairly

That was the case on a radio station in Athens, Georgia.

Barbara walked into Athens radio station WGAU,
when she happened to hear two Knoxville
sportswriters calling in.

She says she heard them say her boy was on the "hot seat".

"You all now telling me that Derek Dooley's on the damn hot seat?
Are you crazy? Did anybody say hot seat?...Yea, I heard 'em. I didn't say that, Oh come on. Get out of here. You've got momma's rile up now buddy!.

Barbara says she and husband Vince will watch the Tennessee/Georgia game from Derek's Knoxville home due to her recent knee surgery.