Nighthawks lose to Lehigh Valley, 63-47

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (release) -- The Knoxville Nighthawks battle the Lehigh Valley Steelhawks Saturday evening at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum. Both teams went toe to toe, but in the end, the Nighthawks could not overcome the Steelhawks as Lehigh Valley won 63-47.

The Nighthawks and the Steelhawks could not score on their initial first possessions. The Nighthawks defense held strong once again as they recovered a fumble. Back up quarterback Luke Collis found Matt Schuck on a 19 yard touchdown and the Nighthawks were up 7-0 and that's how the first quarter ended.

Lehigh Valley then moved the ball down field. They got their first touchdown on a 3 yard run from Elliot White. The score was 7-7. On the next possession for the Nighthawks, they fumbled the ball and Lehigh Valley recovered the ball in the end zone making the score 14-7. Knoxville would not be denied. They came right back as quarterback Ryan Porter found Kelvin Bolden on a 31 yard pass notting the game at 14 each. The Steelhawks then marched back down the field. Quarterback Hunter Wanket found Tyrone Collins for the 13 yard touchdown pass making the score 21-14. Again, Knoxville would not be denied as Porter found Deandre Brown for the four yards touchdown pass. Nighthawks kicker Armando Cuko hit the uno and Knoxville led 22-21. Then the Steelhawks had things go their way as Wanket found Tom Gilson for the 20 yard touchdown, got an interception and score on a 14 yard field goal. The score at half time was 31-22.

The Nighthawks and Steelhawk then went back and forth in the third quater. Knoxville scored a field goal and an uno. Lehigh Valley then proceed to score another field goal. Rico Joseph caught a 30 yard touchdown pass for the Nighthawks. Lehigh Valley's Wanket ran for a 14 yard touchdown run. Nighthawks' fullback Daccus Turman scored on a 3 yard touchdown run. At the end of the 3rd quarter, Lehigh Valley was up only 2 points at 42-40.

The back and forth continued in the fourth quarter. Unfortuanately, Lehigh Valley was able to stay ahead of Knoxville coming away with the victory.

The Nighthawks will have an off week coming up. The following week the Nighthawks will return to Lehigh Valley to play them for the third time on Saturday, May 25th. Knoxville will return to play at home Friday, June 7th at 7:30 pm against the Louisiana Swashbucklers.

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