Prep teams get practice underway with 7-on-7 drills

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - The high school football season is quickly approaching. An early sign of the season are the many 7-on-7 competitions taking place. Wednesday night saw Lenoir City host Gibbs and Karns in some passing drills.

Facing a team wearing a different uniform can tell a coach a lot about his team, so says Karns head coach Tobi Kilgore. "We haven't had the opportunity yet since I've been here to compete against another school. We look really good going out there and throwing against the air right now, but we don't get to play 10 games against the air."

More important than the battles against another team in 7-on-7 are the battles within your own team. Coaches use them as a rough evaluation tool when trying to build a depth chart. "We'll get closer to who our number 1 guys will be, you know, come August 29th," says new Lenoir City head coach Jeff Cortez.

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