Project Healing Waters builds fly rods with local veterans

KODAK, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The local chapter of a national fly fishing organization that's dedicated to helping veterans adjust to civilian life one cast at a time is helping local veterans build their own fly rods.

Project Healing Waters supplies around four hundred kits to veterans around the country, those veterans get about six weeks to turn the raw material into a fly rod and submit their creation to the national contest, a contest that offers trips around the country to premier fly fishing and rod building destinations.

Jody Khan, a former Marine says she enjoys crafting her own rod, "I get to add a little of the Marine Corp to my rod and it will be special just to me." Almost as special for Khan as the rod is the camaraderie she feels working next to fellow service members. "Just being around people in the Military once you're out, there's no better feeling. It's like being with your brothers and sisters."

That sentiment and camaraderie is exactly why people like Steve Thompson, the program lead for the Knoxville chapter of Project Healing Waters host events like this. "I think it brings the group together where they can deal with people that can relate to the issues they have, they've got history whether they new each other before or not, they've got something in common."

For more information on the Knoxville chapter of Project Healing Waters you can email Steve Thompson at:

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