Rocky Top Outlaws packing places to support U.S. soccer

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- They chant.

They cheer.

They unite to show the love for the team they'd love to see as champions.

"It feels like we're at the game," Kyle Clark said at a packed Crown & Goose in Knoxville's Old City.

"It gives us the best atmosphere to where we feel we're watching the game live. We're unifying together in one uniform to support our country."

Clark is one of the co-founders of The Rocky Top Outlaws. The group is Knoxville's chapter of the nationwide organization of soccer fans known as the American Outlaws.

The Rocky Top Outlaws were the 91st chapter to join. They formed last summer with five members. There's now 112 members and growing.

"This is what we want. This is what we envisioned from the start when there was only five of us. This has been a dream come true in Knoxville and it's only gonna get better," Clark continued.

In a sport that's all about scoring goals, the Outlaws have but one.

"Our goal is to unite and strengthen the community around United States soccer," fellow co-founder Drew Whorley said.

"We wanted to bring people happiness with their country and remind people what it truly means to be proud to be an American."

"It's like a brotherhood," Collin Cope, the club's 29th member. "Everytime there's a game, we have fun, we cheer, and then we talk about it for the next month until the next game."

The Rocky Top Outlaws feel they've only begun to tap into the Knoxville community.

"This is just the beginning," Clark said. "Our vision is to pack Market Square, from both sides. (For the next World Cup) We hope to have a huge screen out there and show the support that Knoxville can bring."

There is a $25 membership to join the Rocky Top Outlaws. Membership includes United States soccer merchandise and deals on flights.

If interested in joining, log on to

The American Outlaws currently have over 18,000 members in 136 chapters.

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