South-Doyle in search of historic start

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - The South-Doyle Cherokee football team is 4-0. That ties for the best start in school history. With a win against Carter on Thursday, they would 5-0 for the first time.

The players weren't aware of the history until after their victory over Morristown West last week. Senior Running back Samuel Perry says, "We didn't until 4-0 popped up and then it arose and everybody was talking about it. And telling us about it. You know, you can do this for South Knoxville. It can happen you can do it. So we're pretty pumped up about that."

To truly appreciate the Cherokees 4-0 start this year you have to understand where they came from. South Doyle was 6-25 the previous 3 seasons, inculding 1-19 in coach Duncan's first 2 years. Blind faith and a good sales job by the coach kept the players going.

"1-19 was difficult, but they did stay. We didn't lose kids. They stayed in the program and last year had some success and then this year things are going well," said coach Clark Duncan.

The teams success this season is a direct response to those struggles and the maturing and experience that came from that. Coach Duncan says, "The kids we've got playing played for the last 3 years. Some even as Freshman. So the majority of our Seniors started as Sophomores. That's probably the biggest difference, the experience."

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