TSSAA announces reclassification plans

Hermitage, Tenn. (TSSAA)-- Following are the enrollment numbers that will be used by the state office to set classification for TSSAA Secondary Schools for the 2013-2014, 2014-2015, 2015-2016, and 2016-2017 school years.

Important Dates:

October 3 - Put enrollment numbers on TSSAA.org website

October (1 st week) - Send letter to all schools giving them opportunity to move to Division II

October 16 - deadline for schools to move to DII by noon.

October 16 -

(1) Divide schools into Div 1 and Div II

(2) Apply multiplier to Division I independent schools

(3) Divide schools into classes and set enrollment breakpoints

October 17 - Send letter to all schools giving them opportunity to move to higher classification.

October 24 - deadline for schools to move up

October 25 - Staff will prepare districts

and regions in all sports and send to the TSSAA Board of Control Members. This will be followed by sending the same staff recommendations to all member schools and posted on TSSAA.org.

Thu, November 15, 9am Double Tree Hotel (Murfreesboro, TN) Board meeting - set districts and regions for next four years.

How Classification Breakpoints will be set:

Separate schools into Division I and Division II
Multiply Division I independent schools by 1.8

Note: By TSSAA Board of Control Action, no school can be moved up more than one (1) class in any sport due to the multiplier.

Remove any school that has no sports programs but only coops with other schools.
Sort schools by enrollment and divide into Classes A, AA and AAA in Division I as well as Class A/AA in sports with only two classes. Each class will have the same number of schools. For example, if there are 360 schools, then there will be 120 in each class.
Once Classes A, AA and AAA have been set the number of football playing schools in each class will be determined. Once that is done, that number will be split so there will be the same number of football playing schools in each sub-class. Example: Suppose there were 80 football playing schools of the 120 (in example above) in Class A.
There would be 40 placed into Football Class 1A and 40 to Football Class 2A. If there is an odd number of teams the higher number will be used in the lower class. (e.g. If there were 81 football schools in Class A, 41 would be in Football Class 1A and 40 in Football Class 2A).
Note: The enrollment break point between Division I Class A and Class AA will be used to set the break point between Division II A and Division II AA.
All schools will have opportunity to move up in classification, however, this will not affect the breakpoints that were set earlier in the process.
Division I and Division II Districts and Regions will be set as a recommendation to the Board of Control.
Board of Control will set final classification at the November 15 meeting.
For a look at the teams affected by reclassification, please click
on the link provided below.