Talent, personality make up Stewart-Haas Racing stable

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WVLT) -- Tony Stewart, Kevin Harvick, and Kurt Busch all shared the same stage Monday afternoon in the Charlotte Convention Center on the first day of the Sprint Media Tour.

So much talent.

So much personality.

"If we're fighting, I'm kicking you in the leg!" Harvick joked with Stewart. Stewart is recovering from a broken leg suffered during a crash in August.

With the addition of Harvick and Busch, SHR has as much talent in the garage as any team in NASCAR. It also features the most polarizing personalities, leaving some to wonder if SHR will survive the season in one piece.

'Smoke' doesn't believe there will be fire.

"Kurt, Kevin and I all three have had our less than stellar moments, but the good thing is, because of that, we all understand each other," Stewart said Monday afternoon.

"We all understand when somebody is going thru something and how that person feels, so I think it makes us stronger because of that."

After spending his entire career with Richard Childress Racing, Harvick is hopeful that 2014 will be a success one. He'll be behind the wheel of the number 4 car.

Harvick, a winner in the Sprint Cup series 23 times, believes the hype about an impending implosion is all over-blown.

"If you don't have an opinion, you can't find a solution. We have a lot of people that are very willing to speak up and point things out, and hopefully that will take the evolution of the race car and make our cars evolve hopefully as good as anybody's," Harvick said.

SHR will make its headlines this year. We're just not sure how yet. Stewart is hopeful that it will be by winning races, adding that SHR will be a "team that they have to watch out for."

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