Tennessee Produces 52 on 2013 Fall SEC Honor Roll

Knoxville, Tenn.--(UTSports) BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - A total of 655 student-athletes were named to the 2013 Fall SEC Academic Honor Roll, Thursday by SEC Commissioner Mike Slive.
The 2013 Fall SEC Academic Honor Roll is based on grades from the 2013 Spring, Summer and Fall terms.
From Tennessee, 52 student-athletes, were named to the Honor Roll, including 34 from the football program:

Student-Athlete - Sport - Major:
Max Arnold - Football - Sport Management
Patrick Ashford - Football - Political Science
Cody Blanc - Football - Business Administration
Austin Bolen - Football - Sport Management
Derrick Brodus - Football - Communication Studies
George Bullock - Football - Business Administration
Michael Cantwell - Football - Chemical Engineering
Jacob Carter - Football - Sport Management
Tyler Coombes - Football - Kinesiology
Tyler Drummer - Football - English
Gregory Grieco - Football - Kinesiology
Christian Harris - Football - Business Administration
Andrew Henry - Football - Mechanical Engineering
Alden Hill - Football - Art
Daniel Hood - Football - Business Administration
Kyler Kerbyson - Football - Sport Management
Curt Maggitt - Football - Communication Studies
Michael Palardy - Football - Communication Studies
Brett Parisi - Football - Studio Art
Nathan Peterman - Football - Communication Studies
Alan Posey - Football - Geography
David Priddy - Football - Mechanical Engineering
John Propst - Football - Industrial Engineering
Woody Quinn - Football - Communication Studies
Brian Randolph - Football - Business Administration
Joe Stocstill - Football - Business Administration
Dakota Summers - Football - Sociology
Justin Thomas - Football - Business Administration
Nikolay Timoshchuk - Football - Sport Management
Patrick Toole - Football - Sport Management
Corey Vereen - Football - Computer Science
Dylan West - Football - Psychology
Jordan Williams - Football - Sociology
Justin Worley - Football - Sport Management
Tori Bailey - Women's Soccer - Sport Management
Caroline Brown - Women's Soccer - Sport Management
Caroline Capocaccia - Women's Soccer - Kinesiology
Suzanne Capocaccia - Women's Soccer - Kinesiology
Christina Cobb - Women's Soccer - Psychology
Julie Eckel - Women's Soccer - Business Finance
Katie Lenz - Women's Soccer - Psychology
Jessica Rolfs - Women's Soccer - Logistics
Allie Sirna - Women's Soccer - Business Management
Peyton Thomas - Women's Soccer - Business Administration
Brittney Wade - Women's Soccer - Kinesiology
Nikki Brice - Volleyball - Accounting
Megan Hatcher - Volleyball - Finance
Whitney Heeres - Volleyball - Communicative Disorders
Jamie Lea - Volleyball - Anthropology
Ellen Mullins - Volleyball - Marketing
Brooke Speyerer - Volleyball - Biochemistry/Cellular and Molecular Biology
Ashlyn Sunseri - Volleyball - Kinesiology

Any student-athlete who participates in a Southeastern Conference championship sport or a student-athlete who participates in a sport listed on his/her institution's NCAA Sports Sponsorship Form is eligible for nomination to the Academic Honor Roll. The following criteria should be followed: (1) A student-athlete must have a grade point average of 3.00 or above for either the preceding academic year (two semesters or three quarters) or have a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or above at the nominating institution. (2) If a student-athlete attends summer school, his/her grade point average during the summer academic term must be included in the calculation used to determine eligibility for the Academic Honor Roll. (3) Student-athletes eligible for the Honor Roll include those receiving an athletics scholarship, recipients of an athletics award (i.e., letter winner), and non-scholarship student-athletes who have been on a varsity team for two seasons. (4) Prior to being nominated, a student-athlete must have successfully completed 24 semester or 36 quarter hours of non-remedial academic credit toward a baccalaureate degree at the nominating institution. (5) The student-athlete must have been a member of a varsity team for the sport's entire NCAA Championship segment.

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