24-hour tiny home built to benefit Vietnam veteran

Incredible Tiny Homes is building a home in 24-hours in Morristown. The home will be auctioned off with proceed going to a disabled Vietnam War Vet.

Your Forecast: Saturday Sun

Local 8 News gives you the lowdown on weekend weather.

Is a "tiny home" for you?

For those that hate clutter, don't mind small spaces and want cheap electric bills, a unique new community of tiny homes has provided an opportunity in Knoxville. The neighborhood has popped up where you might not have expected it.

Parkinson's medication sparks 96-year-old man's artistic urge

96-year-old Herbert Allender has a talent and hobby that he didn't develop until his 80s: Drawing.

Former NASA employee knows secret to happy living

A former NASA employee turned local Knoxville janitor knows the secret to a happy life.

Your Forecast: Mostly sunny, pleasant Saturday

Chief Meteorologist David Aldrich has your forecast.

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