Potholes cause expensive problems in East Tenn.

Local 8 News reporter David Ball found that tire shops are seeing an increase in East Tenn. cars that have experienced damage as a result of potholes.

Chance for rain, storms slowly builds up

It's a mostly sunny to partly cloudy day, with isolated showers and storms popping up, 20% chance. We'll see the showers and storms develop along the Smokies, and a stray shower or storm will move to the rest of our area.

Web extra: How Black Hawk pilots complete a hoist rescue mission

The pilots were showing off their skills to civilian bosses in an effort to help them understand why they have to leave their jobs at a moment's notice to help save lives.

Kickin' it with Carter Football

Kickin' it with Carter Football

Hot and humid Thursday with stray storms

The chance for rain and storms slowly builds up as we move into the weekend and then we'll have waves of rain and storms at times next week.

Last Day of School for Knox County

It's the last day of class for Knox County Schools. Show us your end of the year student or parent pictures, and we'll share them on WVLT News!

Why is the Knox County housing market soaring?

Houses in the Knox County Real Estate market are selling quick and because of that, prices are soaring.


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