Admirals charting new course

Farragut football forging ahead through changing times
Published: Jun. 17, 2020 at 9:55 PM EDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Temperatures are in check out at Farragut. A procedure veteran coach Eddie Courtney puts his players through each morning prior to practice. A necessity and way of life these Admirals are on board with says senior cornerback Logan Foody, ”I think we’re all really grateful for it. Excuse honestly, when kids like us are stripped of our normal schedule, because we’ve been out for a long time, having football back is a blessing for all of us—it’s something you’re seeing in gyms now, when you go to restaurants, it is becoming the new normal.”

Taking the necessary safety precautions, conditioning, that’s all important, but for these young athletes, also key is camaraderie. Just being around their teammates during this time, is huge according to senior lineman Joe Maine, ”With this group of guys we just live being o it here. We saw kind of what could happen without football. We started working out together then coronavirus hit. I don’t think any of us liked that. We have a new appreciation for the game and people are taking it seriously now.”

The wearing of masks indoors, having their own water bottles, maintaining social distancing, it’s all part of the new normal for high school athletes. It’s a willing sacrifice with so much on the line, especially for those going through this for the final time says senior linebacker Camden Kuhn, ”Senior year is gonna be so important to so many of us, we have so many and are super close. If it’s taken away that’s hurting so many people not just for the next level but so many people need the sport of football.”

Again, Camden is part of a senior laden team set to take the field for coach Courtney if and when this 2020 high school football season kicks off.

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