UT alum loses his sight but not his life’s vision

UT alumni, Chad Foster, is using his experience to help others fight adversity
Local author loses his sight but not his vision
Published: Jul. 13, 2020 at 10:14 AM EDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - A University of Tennessee alumni took a life-altering experience and turned it into opportunity. Chad E. Foster lost his sight to an eye disease when he was a teen.

“I was at UT when it began to fade. So, I had to start evaluating what my vision of success would look like,” Foster said.

Foster said he had to basically relearn everything he was once taught.

“It’s really about resilience and adapting to change. I’m happier now and more successful now than when I could see,” Foster said.

An experience that instead of bringing him down, only brought him up. He’s now sharing that with other people through his book, “Blind Ambition.”

“Telling the stories of my life, I think it’s more powerful to show people than to tell people,” Foster said. “So it’s a memoir of experiences of lessons I learned, but then at the end there’s a work book to help people apply those lessons.”

With unrest in the country, Foster feels this book can help.

“People learn how to be more intentional, cultivating a resilient mindset and emerging from adversity stronger than before and that’s at the heart of my message,” Foster said. “I think now more than ever, the disruption we are seeing in the economy and social system, people are looking for some hope and really learn how to break free from some of the thoughts that are holding them hostage.”

The book can be found on Amazon

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