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Season to start on time for East Tennessee teams
Published: Jul. 29, 2020 at 8:49 PM EDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - ”The biggest deal is what happens for the next month, they’re a test for our children,” says microbiologist Dr.Dean Hart. He adds that we can learn from professional leagues returning to action as our kids on the high school level prepare to do the same, ”That’s the thing with Sports, they were a role model and they’re even more a role model because we’ll be able to see how many people get Covid-19 because there’s enough tests to go around to test the entire NBA.”

In fact the NBA’s latest COVID tests of 344 people revealed Wednesday no positive results. Dr. Hart says the biggest concern for him is for older coaches more so than the players and advocates that they coach through robotics. But for the time being it’ll be hands for area coaches following the Governor’s decision to allow contact sports and a full season of high school football, a decision the majority of WVLT viewers agreed with in our twitter poll.

Maryville head football coach Derek Hunt says, ”People in leadership positions, they didn’t ask for this to happen and so we’re just trying to be flexible and the message I preach to our team is control the controllable.”

Veteran Farragut coach Eddie Courtney adds, ”I’m gonna take this serious, I’ve had health conditions and a few players who have parents who have health conditions and I’ve told this kids you’re not to be at practice right now. I don’t want you to contract something here you might take home.”

TSSAA Director Bernard Childress is also banking on as the games resuming this Fall. Childress says,” Administrators and coaches have a huge responsibility that these guidelines are being followed even though they are recommendations. It started out as as a mandate but we felt uncomfortable with that because we normally don’t tell schools how many people to let into their contests.”

A situation which no doubt will be watch closely come kickoff in just a few short weeks.

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