Homeschooling moms encourage parents to try it during pandemic

One offers a virtual homeschooling open house.
Published: Aug. 3, 2020 at 7:36 PM EDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - The coronavirus pandemic has forced some families into an unplanned home school situation for their public school students. Two veteran homeschooling moms who are fielding more questions about the practice than ever before are Gloria Secaur in Sevierville and Lacey Grim in rural North Carolina.

Secaur and her husband, Jody, lead a homeschooling group in Sevier County and have one teen daughter they have taught at home. She said parents can feel assured they are capable. “I mean relax, just breathe. Don’t get overly paranoid that you’re gonna mess your kids up. ‘Cause in reality you’re probably not gonna mess your kids up.”

Secaur said traditional homeschooling includes the benefit of flexible schedules. These can allow for volunteering time, field trips, hands-on learning and even special events. “My child’s doing a class with NASA at 10 o’clock tonight. That’s when they have it scheduled for.” Secaur said pre-pandemic, her family coordinated lots of field trips for home school groups.

In North Carolina, Lacey Grim and her husband, Drew, raise their children on a homestead while running a business from home and homeschooling them all. She said keeping clear expectations is a key for families in any sort of home school environment. “Whether you choose to find a curriculum or you’re using the school curriculum or whatever, one of the magic tips I will share with you is that for our family, the best way to make things work is to just come together and have those family meetings once a week and say this is what’s happening, and this is what you’re gonna do, what I’m gonna do, what I expect from you, those kinds of things. And that includes everything, doing the dishes, doing the laundry, making dinner, what’s for dinner.”

Grim is coordinating other homeschooling parents for a virtual open house, which you can learn about here, about educating children in the home. She and her family blog, podcast and run multiple businesses related to homeschooling.

Grim encouraged other parents, saying, “All we have to do it teach our kids how to learn and they’ll take it from there.”

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