Knox County AD’s meet to discuss plan for High School sports

Plan now in the hands of superintendent Bob Thomas
Published: Aug. 6, 2020 at 6:31 PM EDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Well it may be election day, but nothing was voted on by Knox County’s Athletic Directors with regards to High School Sports this Fall. The group met at Fulton High School for what we’re told was more of a fact finding event. No final decisions on things like stadium capacity for Friday night games, concessions or whether fans and coaches should wear face masks. The AD’s did cast a vote for what their schools would like to see. That information will now be taken to Knox Co. Schools superintendent Bob Thomas with a final decision expected some time next week.

As for neighboring counties, WVLT contributor Mark Packer of Rivalry Thursday fame says there is some news over in Maryville, ”I think that’s what’s gonna be uniform. The TSSAA put out their guidelines and they suggested limiting crowds to a quarter or a third, well every school’s gonna go with the third because that puts more butts in the seats and more tickets sold and all of that so Maryville came out with the third, they hope to get to 2000 by adding people who can stand around the fence. I think that’s the key here is the tracks, how do a put a number down of people who can be on the track, pay money to get into the stadium and yet call it part of your capacity.”

One of the things school officials are deciding is who gets access to those tickets. Parents, family, friends, who gets them first? A difficult decision says Packer, ”Those are the kinds of things that I don’t know if those discussions have been had yet but they’re important discussions for people who high school football and UT football is very much a part of their lives.”

Just part of the questions left unanswered with season now exactly two weeks away.

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