UTK offering free, virtual learning tools

University of Tennessee’s College of Education, Health and Human Services created online videos.
Published: Aug. 6, 2020 at 6:50 PM EDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - If part of your day has become helping kids with virtual learning, there have been resources created to help you.

University of Tennessee’s College of Education, Health and Human Services created online videos.

“There’s a wealth of resources on this page,” said Jules Morris, a spokesperson for the university.

University leaders said they began seeing a need for parents, teachers and students in the spring.

”We began building it back in April like I was putting all of those resources into one place,” explained Morris, “And then this just built to where we actually have a really nice set of lesson plans.”

Along with videos, they added guides and activity ideas on their new website for students who have been learning from home.

“It’s everything from lesson plans from pre-k through high school, it is tips and advice on behavior and motivation if you’re teaching at home,” said Morris.

Experts in many topics work at the school and provide these resources.

”We’re offering weekly opportunities to interact with our faculty,” explained Morris, “For instance if you’re teaching literature at home, lit chat is what we’re calling it, every single week they’re offering office hours. They’re offering different topics to come in and kind of help let parents and teachers and caregivers ask for questions about sharing literature with different audiences.”

Morris and her team built the website as well.

“Who better to make lesson plans for people, than the people who teach and prepare people to become teachers,” questioned Morris.

The website was a tool that can help caregivers, teacher and others with learning and mental health.

“We just wanted to bring, what we have and who we are to the table and offer it. And we just hope people use it and share it and that it’s beneficial to some folks,” said Morris.

If you have other ideas in an area in which you need help, you can email Jules Morris at

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