Knoxville patrons react to possibility of alcohol being served at Cracker Barrel

Some are happy about the news, but others aren’t sure what to think,
Published: Sep. 23, 2020 at 12:03 AM EDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - New changes at Cracker Barrel could mix up family traditions.

When Beth Weaver isn’t in the spirit to stand in her own kitchen, she lets her husband know the dinner plan for the night: “'I ain’t cooking tonight. Let’s go out to eat',” Weaver said.

The couple visits the Cracker Barrel in Farragut at least once a week for dinner and orders the same meal each time down to the drink — a sweet tea.

Soon, she might be able to spike that drink.

The Tennessee owned chain is brewing up a new menu that would include beer, wine and mimosas.

“I don’t remember seeing Uncle Bub, or Bobba, or Bubba having a beer or anything while they’re eating country dinner,” Beth said.

The restaurant has filed at least five permits to Knoxville and Farragut beer boards, which would add to a list of 600 other locations.

In a statement to WVLT News, a spokesperson said the bubbly additions came after guests said they would go to another restaurant if that means they could have an adult beverage with their meal.

Some East Tennesseans said the move comes as a surprise.

“I didn’t think that it fits with their overall image, but it wouldn’t keep me from going there,” said one customer.

A local business owner next door is in favor of the change and said more money could pour into their pockets.

“Hopefully it brings in a different clientele for them, which will in turn help us out,” Akshay Hira, CEO of Diamond Point Hospitality said.

One woman isn’t so convinced, but said she’s coming back.

“This is 2020. Everything is changing.” Beth said.

The Knoxville Beer Board was expected to vote on four Cracker Barrel permits Tuesday but postponed the vote until October due to incomplete background checks.

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