Making a Difference: KPD receives free books to donate to kids

Knoxville Police Department got a big donation to help Knoxville’s youngest citizens.
Published: Sep. 23, 2020 at 6:26 PM EDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Knoxville Police Department got a big donation to help Knoxville’s youngest citizens.

“We’re able to give these kids books, that they may not be able to get in any other fashion, especially right now with the virus going on and libraries may be not quite opening and functioning as they once were in the schools," said Stacey Payne.

One of the top priorities for KPD is community outreach. As the police planning and grants manager, Stacey Payne, believed teaching kids early on about safe practices helped send a positive message.

“It means a lot and it feels good as an officer, as an individual in that community just to know we’re making a difference," explained Stacey Payne, "And when you start making a difference in a child’s life that affects positively, affects the parents, in return it affects the community.”

She applied for a book donation from "Kids Need to Read” in Arizona to get more Knoxville kids' hands on books.

“It’s one of the reasons why I love this job," said Jessica Payne, who is not related to Stacey.

With the help of "Kids Need to Read” Jessica Payne being the operations director selected more than thousand puzzle and reading books, and magazines for kids between three and 13 years old.

“For me, it’s like every day I get to go into a bookstore and buy whatever I want and give it to people. That’s the best thing ever," exclaimed Jessica Payne!

The learning materials teach kids about the coronavirus, bullying and home safety.

“To me that’s the power of literature. Is the ability to help people become their best selves," said Jessica Payne.

The two organizations have made a difference one page at a time.

“When something’s free, it’s wonderful. We can give that out to them no strings attached," said Stacey Payne.

The books will be used in Safety City Park and community outreach programs.

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