Brother and sister make sure Midway football team has a chance to play

The Midway Green Wave are off to a great start. They are three and one.
Published: Sep. 24, 2020 at 11:04 PM EDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - The Midway Green Wave are off to a great start. They are three and one.

But, they fight the same fight that all 1A football teams fight. It’s a battle of numbers

“After last season we finished the year with only 17 players and so our goal for this year was to get more bodies and we have doubled our numbers this year, we have 34,” said Ron Treadway, Midway Head Football Coach.

One point of focus is special teams, so one assistant coach had to make a deal with the mom of two new players.

Two kickers: brother and sister. He promised their mom they would not get hit and he promised them they would not get hit.

“That’s how we started. She was real nervous about it she wanted to call Coach Treadway and be like hey what’s this going to be like? Like, is she going to get tackled? She really does not want me to get tackled and she almost said no but I’m glad she said yes,” said Sierra Cowell.

“Yeah, she does all the kickoffs and I handle the extra points and field goals,” said Dylan Cowell.

So in the spirit of that safety thing, Sierra has felt that a time or two...the guys on the team kind of have her back.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure that they keep the ball that way? Because normally I’m going to go towards the left so they try to keep it to the right so that the person doesn’t come and run at me,” said Sierra.

“They do we actually have a safety that stays back with Sierra because of the promise I made to her mother who won’t let her get hit and so either she kicks it and can run off the field but the way that we align our kickoffs it actually works that we have a safety on that side of the field who is really in front of her anyway,” said Treadway.

“We told her we would not get hurt… So she was worried about that,” said Dylan.

Make no mistake about it, this brother and sister have one thing in common: they can both kick a football and kick it very well.

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