A full recap of the murder trial of Joel Guy Jr.

Prosecutors argued that Joel Guy Jr. followed the instructions written down in a notebook found in the bedroom where he was sleeping.
Published: Oct. 1, 2020 at 2:46 PM EDT|Updated: Oct. 1, 2020 at 11:32 PM EDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - The murder trial of Joel Guy Jr. ended with a guilty verdict on all counts Friday.

Judge Steve Sword presided over the trial. Deliberations began just after 3 p.m. Thursday, ending just before noon Friday.

Dr. Leslie Nassios was the lead prosecutor representing the state and Guy was appointed a state defender to represent him in the case.

Before the trial began, Guy made a motion to dismiss his lawyer and be given the death penalty. His motion was denied, and prosecutors said they would not seek the death penalty.

On day one, family members took the stand to testify about their relationship with their parents who were killed, and their brother, Joel Michael as they call him.

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A Family's Emotional Testimony

On day two, the Knox County homicide investigator who initially discovered the remains of Lisa and Joel Guy Sr. walked the jury through what he found when he entered the “house of horrors” on Goldenview Lane. Multiple witnesses testified that evidence was found in nearly every room of the home and dozens of exhibits were shown in court.

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On day three, Joel Guy Jr.'s best, and only friend took the stand. An emotional call between the two was played in court that shed light on Guy Jr.'s personal life and feelings as he was being held at a Baton Rouge Jail before extradition to Knox County.

Evidence Helps Convict Joel Guy Jr.

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Prosecutors presented their final pieces of evidence to the jury before deliberations began. In all, a total of 27 witnesses were called to testify in the case and hundreds of exhibits were shown to the jury. Joel Guy Jr. was given an opportunity to testify in his own defense, but he declined. Prosecutors tied the physical evidence to the book of instructions found in the room where Guy was sleeping, saying it shows Joel Guy Jr. made a plan and followed through with them.

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Testimony from friends and family members painted a picture of Joel Guy Jr.'s life. Here’s everything we know about him.

In the state of Tennessee, a conviction on first-degree murder charges triggers automatic sentencing of life in prison for each count.

Guy Jr. was found guilty on all charges including two counts of first-degree murder, three counts of first degree felony murder and two counts of abuse of a corpse.

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