Tennessee comedian Leanne Morgan & her daughter Tess on life during quarantine.

Leanne & Tess talk Covid, Halloween, jello salad, and the massive growth of both careers thanks to social media.
Knoxville Comedian Leanne Morgan & her daughter Tess talk with Harry Sullivan on Covid,...
Knoxville Comedian Leanne Morgan & her daughter Tess talk with Harry Sullivan on Covid, Halloween, jello salad, and having her own personal makeup artist with Tess home.(WVLT News)
Published: Oct. 30, 2020 at 4:05 PM EDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - When lockdowns started across the country, Tennessee comedian Leanne Morgan was set to begin a 100 city tour across the United States.

“Everything came to a hold,” said Morgan. “I haven’t got to work very much so I’ve been doing more of these (interview) kind of things and trying to figure it out.”

With no audience to perform in-person for, Leanne turned to social media.

“It’s been a blessing.” said Morgan, speaking to WVLT with her daughter Tess. “I just started doing videos on the back porch talking about when I was cooking, and I was making jello salads. For some reason, everybody went nuts and started making jello salads!”

Morgan’s following has now grown to over a million on Facebook and over 100,000 on Instagram.

Her daughter Tess was supposed to be in Los Angeles right now. She got a job in Hollywood as a special effects makeup artist. Due to the movie and TV industry shutting down, Leanne now has her own personal makeup artist at home.

“What an advantage for me!” said Leanne. “I’ve had my own hair and makeup artist in my house while I’ve been doing the Zoom, so everybody has been amazed at how I’ve looked because I’ve got her.”

Tess didn’t share the same excitement at first.

“Corona hit, and I’ve been living in the basement, um, it’s been super fun,” said Tess sarcastically.

Tess got busy doing makeup for her mom, occasionally posting tutorials on her Instagram page PoutByTessLucille.

“People started DM’ing me asking for tips, and I was like well okay I guess this is like a niche for me! I got her on there and, and just kind of found it, and it’s been really great people have been really supportive”

The two said all in all everything has been great with the family being at home over the past months. Leanne is set to hit the road and tour again, while Tess is headed to New Orleans next year to work on a movie.

Watch the video above to see the full interview with WVLT’s Harry Sullivan.

For updates and tour information for Leanne, visit her website.

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