Heavy winds not enough to ground Cumberland Co. Jets

Basketball resumes after damage to CCHS gymnasium
Published: Jan. 13, 2021 at 9:37 PM EST
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - It was just two days before Christmas that mother nature left an unwanted present on the doorstep of Cumberland County high school.

”We knew the wind was bad, we were getting 40 miles per hour winds up here I heard something crash on top of it,” said Cumberland County basketball coach Will Foster.

Strong winds blew off part of the high schools’ roof exposing the gym floor directly below later that night, several inches of rain fell on the home side of the gym destroying the hardwood and damaging the lobby area just outside.

Foster says, ”We had went in that night and there was a gap where the roof was supposed to be and the wall and we covered it up as good as we could and I came back in Christmas afternoon and it was bad.”

Despite a portion of the floor having a tarp on it and construction underway to repair the damage, the administration at CCHS was determined to get the kids back playing again. Playing during what’s been a difficult time for the young athletes and the fans with a pandemic still raging on.

With regards to these difficult times for all involved, coach Foster adds, ”We made it as good as we could do and that’s what I told the kids the whole year we don’t know what’s gonna happen, we may get to play five games or we may play 25 games, but whatever we do we have to keep going through the process and the kids have responded to that.”

The damage to affected areas, which include things like trophy cases, plaques and banners, is estimated to be in the thousands of dollars. A tall challenge, but not too tall to overcome for a team and community always ready with an assist says coach Foster, ”We’re a small rural community here but we all have big hearts. We just see the problem we just try and go back and fix the problem and that’s what every coach around here has done not just me anywhere you go all up in Knoxville anywhere you go in Tennessee and all over America you just see what you gotta do and fix those problems.”

Coach Foster says the damage to the roof and the floor was just icing on the cake for what was a chaotic 2020. Well coach, here’s to hoping that it’s smooth flying for the Jets in 2021.

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