Looking back on ‘The Amazing Race’ with Nathan Worthington and Cody Buell

Best friends and Dayton, TN natives Nathan Worthington and Cody Buell
Dayton, TN residents Nathan Worthington (orange) & Cody Buell (brown) are bringing their...
Dayton, TN residents Nathan Worthington (orange) & Cody Buell (brown) are bringing their noodling skills across the world in season 32 of the Amazing Race on CBS.(CBS)
Published: Jan. 14, 2021 at 1:08 PM EST
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -Best friends and Dayton, Tenn. natives Nathan Worthington and Cody Buell got the chance very few people get. Competing on national television for $1 million.

While the duo didn’t take home the cash, they did bring back the experience of a lifetime, traveling across the world, and making life-long bonds with their fellow castmates in the process.

“I think we all just generally have love and caring for all of the cast so it’s always kind of a little bit of a heartstring to see somebody eliminated,” said Cody. “It’s being on an emotional roller coaster with a family that’s getting aired on national TV, essentially, because we’ve become really close to everybody.”

Shot before the pandemic, it took nearly two years for season 32 to air. While Nathan and Cody didn’t win the million-dollar prize, they did get to spend the remainder of their time in Prague, waiting for the other castmates who were eliminated.

“It was about every three or four days that someone was eliminated and joined us in the Czech Republic.” Said Nathan. The eliminated teams weren’t allowed to have any cell phones or internet access in Prague while the season was still going on. “The handlers had iPhones, they took pictures, but they weren’t allowed to send them to us until after the race was over, which we still haven’t received them yet but they’re coming.”

The duo still managed to make a name for themselves on the show, bringing their positive attitude and love of life to TVs across the country.

“You know, I would say, 99% of all the feedback we had was positive.” Said Nathan. “You know, we had a lot of compliments that said we had a great attitude. For some small-town guys to get a once in a million lifetimes opportunity just to go do that, I mean everybody was thrilled and happy for us.”

“Everybody was very loving.” Said Cody. “It was unique to be able to tell our story, but I mean in reality, it was literally our five minutes of fame! We took that saying to heart and decided we’re gonna do it exactly!”

Nathan and Cody were discovered by CBS thanks in part to their “noodling” videos posted to YouTube.

Through all of the duo’s ups and downs on the show, the best friend’s say the real benefit was the bond that grew even bigger between them.

“It really strengthened our relationship.” Said Nathan. “I have no regrets. I’ll go back and do it again. You know, it was amazing. The opportunity to meet people that we met was more probably even better than the places we went. It’s just all positivity.”

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