West Hills community fighting against rezoning of nearby area

Members of the Saint Andrew subdivision have started a petition to stop residential rezoning of property near greenway
Published: Jan. 13, 2021 at 8:27 PM EST
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -Members of the Saint Andrew subdivision started an online petition, calling on the City of Knoxville to stop the rezoning of the wooded area of the Jean Teague Greenway.

The current zoning of the area is for an office park, but rezoning the area would allow for residential for apartments.

Aside from taking away some of the greenway’s natural beauty, Debby Jennings, the president of the Saint Andrews Homeowners Association says residents are concerned with property values and privacy.

“This is a great community with 57 families. I’ve heard seven or eight families say they might move out of this community if that happens. Due to the concerns they have for their families in abutting something like apartments so I don’t wanna see that happen,” says Jennings.

When Jennifer Borth moved into the subdivision 10 years ago, she says the developer of the subdivision told her the area had potential to become office space, but guaranteed it would not be an apartment complex. Borth says she hopes the city will vote in favor of the 2,000 signatures on their petition.

“This is our dream house and we really don’t want to move, but having a building with people living so close behind us in a large building, with a view of every angle of our home it changes our everyday life,” shared Borth.

City council member, Andrew Roberto says he’s aware of both sides of the issue and hopes the developer and community can come to a common ground.

“So there’s gonna be a meeting between the developer and the neighborhood later this week where they can discuss these concerns and any possible remedies,” says Roberto.

WVLT reached out to the developer of the complex and are waiting to hear back from him.

The possible rezoning is set to go to council on January 26th for its first reading.

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