Addiction treatment center seeing increase in people seeking help after the holidays

Published: Jan. 15, 2021 at 6:43 PM EST
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - In high school, Jeff Sekinger was an athlete.

“I was playing high school football and I got injured. I tore all of the ribs on one side of my body. It was really painful to breathe and walk and move in any way. I started taking Percocet and started taking that and it helped with the pain, and I started playing football again and lifting weights again,” said Sekinger.

He was hooked and eventually moved to harder drugs- like fentanyl.

“I watched five people die around me including my cousin as well, but I saw a bunch of people dying from the same thing I was literally doing and I knew I was next,” said Sekinger.

He tried to quit using for 4 years. His dad encouraged him to fly to Cornerstone of Recovery in Louisville, Tennessee.

The staff helped him get clean. Counselor Christopher Russell talked to him about his next step.

“He had me create a vision board, to create a story about me telling my story in the third person like I’m a superhero saying this is everything up until this point and then also reflecting and projecting,” said Sekinger.

On that vision board, one of his goals was financial freedom. He had to get out of $80,000 of debt. He saved up enough money, improved his credit score, and now as the CEO of his own hedge fund called 0 Percent. He helps others striving for financial independence.

“You have to figure out what you enjoy because the reason why you are abusing is you are trying to escape something in your life. It’s obviously a pretty big thing to try to figure out and I’m obviously very lucky to have found it very quickly,” said Sekinger.

He hopes by sharing his story that others like him find hope.

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