“Shocking and terrifying:” Parents respond to Grainger Co. students showing up to school sick

More than five percent of the students in Grainger County are in quarantine.
Published: Jan. 25, 2021 at 8:42 PM EST
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RUTLEDGE, Tenn. (WVLT) - More than five percent of the students in Grainger County are in quarantine.

“I worry about it a lot,” said Shane Collins.

Shane Collins is frustrated to have a greater risk of contracting the coronavirus because they go to Grainger County Schools.

Collins said, “It worries me because for one I don’t want my kids catching it, period. And I really don’t want them bringing it home to maybe give it to me and then me be in a worse situation than what I can afford to be in.”

Collins homeschooled his kids in the fall semester before sending his two sons and daughter back to school after the holidays so her could help support his family.

Elana Boggess saw the Facebook post from Grainger County Schools reminding parents to keep their kids home who have tested positive or have COVID-19 symptoms.

“That’s shocking and terrifying to me the number of people they’re putting at risk,” said Boggess.

Director of Schools Dr. James Atkins said it’s concerning.

“These very few students are endangering others,” stated Atkins.

Dr. Atkins told WVLT News on Friday there were two students who came to school with COVID-19 symptoms who ended up testing positive. Those two students put 54 others in quarantine.

Atkins explained, “I have an obligation to keep our faculty staff and students as safe as possible, and that responsibility I take very, very serious.”

If there’s anyone in the household who tested positive for the coronavirus then the student needs to stay home.

“But when you send your kid to school and they’re sick it’s making it impossible for everyone to work together and get past the pandemic to where you can have our schools open and we’re not afraid to send our kids to school,” said Boggess.

It’s a domino effect they want to come to an end.

“A school can’t fix it, a president can’t fix it, nobody can fix it but the people. It’s just going to have to be us,” said Collins.

As of Monday, 170 students were in quarantine in Grainger County Schools.

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