There’s no place like home, even on the road

A different perspective for Vol Network broadcast team
Published: Feb. 5, 2021 at 7:24 PM EST
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - There’s no question this has been a unique and unusual college basketball season and not just for the players, but for broadcasters as well, guys like Bob Kesling and Bert Bertelkamp who remain home, even when the team is away.

“It’s been different. I’m not gonna say it’s all totally bad, I mean as you see we’ve got great facilities here at the Ray and Lucy and the broadcast center, so we’ve got a big screen, kind of like up in the bleachers calling the game,” says Voice of the Vols Bob Kesling.

“When you listen to our broadcasts you will still hear crowd noise, and my goal is for us to sound like we’re at the game, but I’m getting that crowd noise on a special theme and mixing it in with Bob and Bert so that it sounds like they’re at the game,” says broadcast engineer Tim Berry.

Vol Network analyst Bert Bertelkamp adds, “I love that Bob makes me wherever the ball network dress goes you know so we’re a little bit more relaxed here, but it’s not like being at the the game. One thing that we don’t get is interaction with the players.”

On getting that right mix of announcer play-by-play and natural sound from the arena Berry adds, that is the biggest challenge because we don’t want our broadcasts to sound like they’re done from a studio, we want them to sound like they’re actually there.”

I know in basketball you know Burton I always used to enjoy having the guys come out courtside and talk to him during commercial breaks he got to know him a little bit better.

One of the positives of being on the road with the team Bob says is, “you kind of feel like you’re part of the team but you’re kind of at arm’s length.”

Bertelkamp adds, ”from the taste, and the smell the popcorn, the ball bouncing, the players yelling and then coaches yelling at players and the whistle blowing and getting on the referees, all that stuff is much harder from a distance.

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