More arts classes for kids in Jefferson City

Small school expanding to meet needs
Published: Feb. 16, 2021 at 6:24 PM EST
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JEFFERSON CITY, Tenn. (WVLT) - Clutching a paper butterfly, 4-year-old Everett proudly explained that he would be painting it soon in art class. His mother, Lanae Boyd, takes him and his two siblings to Fuzion School of the Arts to supplement what they can learn at a private Christian school in Jefferson City.

“Super excited for our kids to be able to plug into something here locally,” said Boyd. “And just love Jefferson City and love that there’s an opportunity that’s like big cities that have so much that kids can get involved in!”

School owner Kara Moss said she expanded her class offerings in January beyond dance because of the need she saw from public, private and homeschooling families for help getting enrichment in the arts.

“We have students who are still in public school where their classes are still in session and then we also have students who have experienced the shutdown where they had to do virtual school and then they have also been plugging into classes.”

Moss designs some days to accommodate homeschool or virtual school schedules, while she also offers classes later in the afternoons to work around traditional school schedules.

“The kids have so much fun! It’s a great environment for them to be in,” said Boyd. “They come out running every time, and say, ‘oh, I did this and look at this drawing and let me show you the move I learned’, and it’s just so fun for them to be a part of that.”

Cousins Ellie and Hannah take several classes as part of their homeschool curriculum. Ellie said theater training includes, “How to project and your body placement. How to clearly say your words.”

“Zig zag wiggle waggle, dot, dot, dot,” sang Everett, using motions he’s learned in art class, “Now I know my artabet.”

As a mother, Boyd said she appreciates that Fuzion classes all include aspects of character building, with themes like “courage.” She said, “All of those skill sets that are really to provide character basis for them as they get older to grow into whatever field.”

The school is making plans for summer and fall class offerings soon.

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