From spring-like to soggy, Heather says enjoy it while you can

Chief Meteorologist Heather Haley is tracking rounds of rain ahead, which lead to flooding risks and a WVLT First Alert.
Published: Feb. 23, 2021 at 4:47 AM EST|Updated: Feb. 23, 2021 at 9:15 AM EST
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Enjoy the sunshine while it’s here. The next WVLT First Alert comes with a buildup of persistent rain and some some very heavy downpours, leading to runoff, flooding, and mudslide risks.


The clear sky made for a beautiful start to the day. Where we had more wind, cold air couldn’t settle in but the breeze made it feel cooler. Meaning, Knoxville dropped to 35 degrees but it felt like upper 20s at times, meanwhile Middlesboro hit a low of 27, along with LaFollette.

Your Tuesday stays all clear, and we crank it up to more 60s today! We’re warming to around 63 degrees in the Valley, and upper 50s outlining the lower elevations. It is still breezy, with a Southwesterly wind 5 to 10 mph and gusts around 15 mph at times.

Tonight comes with a few passing clouds, but still closer to “normal” on the overnight low of 37 degrees.


Wednesday cranks up to near 70 degrees! The mostly sunny, and breezy day, is something to really enjoy. We’ll have a high of 69 degrees, and still that wind kicking up to around 15 mph and occasionally stronger gusts.

The winds lead to spotty Wednesday evening showers, then scattered, light rain overnight. We’ll have spotty showers leftover early Thursday, but right back to sunshine. This weak front does put our high on Thursday back to around 58 degrees, with a cool breeze out of the North.

Rain chances and total rainfall potential creep up each day starting Friday. We’re looking at on and off rain Friday, and near a half an inch total rainfall. Rain showers are a little more scattered, but still near a half an inch in spots on Saturday.

Then the coverage and total rainfall ramp up Sunday through Monday. That’s our next WVLT First Alert, as we watch the potential for a couple inches of rainfall to move through our area. The soggy pattern leading up to it, just makes the risk for runoff issues greater as well. As of now, the rainfall starts winding down on Tuesday, but the ground will still be saturated.

Stick with WVLT News for the latest on your full forecast!

8-day forecast
8-day forecast(WVLT)
Rainy days build up to flooding risks.
Rainy days build up to flooding risks.(WVLT)

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