Girls told to please men in Texas school’s ‘chivalry’ assignment

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Published: Mar. 5, 2021 at 7:05 PM EST
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LUBBOCK, Tx. (CBS/KLBK) - Some parents in Texas are upset after their children were given a “chivalry” assignment which instructed girls to “dress in a feminine manner” to please men, “walk behind men daintily as if their feet were bound,” and “not complain or whine,” according to a CBS report.

A local journalist in Lubbock tweeted a photo of the assignment which was posted in a private Facebook group.

“They are requiring the female students to lower their heads and curtsy for men; clean up after men; cook for and bring a drink to the men’s class. This goes on for the entire day ... even at home,” said Brandi D. Addison Davis.

The assignment asked students to get an adult witness signature for each task completed, and “all ladies deemed worthy of the honor by the gentlemen” would receive 10 points per signature.

The assignment says “ladies” must not initiate conversations with males, or “show intellectual superiority” outside the classroom “if it would offend the men around them.” It also says they must cook for the “gentlemen in their class” and should clean up after the men.

“Ladies must obey any reasonable request of a male. If not sure if it is considered reasonable, ladies can check with their teachers,” one of the rules reads.

A parent in the private Facebook group reported that the boy’s version of the assignment said they must be polite towards ladies in some situations.

According to a follow-up Tweet from Brandi D. Addison Davis, parents reported the school changed the assignment after numerous complaints from parents.

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