Fulkerson’s forge ahead to another season on Rocky Top

John, mom Mona and dad Mike discuss Fulky’s return to Tennessee
Published: Apr. 21, 2021 at 1:41 AM EDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - We all took a deep breath when we saw john Fulkerson go down against Florida in the SEC tournament. The shot he received would essentially end his season, but as we found out last week, it did not end his UT career.

Fulky has decided to return for one more and final season in Orange and White, a decision he didn’t take likely and one he leaned on his mentors and most importantly his mom and dad to help him make saying, “they did not want me to do this or do that, they just wanted me to do what I wanted to do, and they were gonna support me either way I think that’s what the best parents do, they let you make your own decision, especially at my age.

Mom Mona added, “and of course we said, john, whatever you decide, we’re right there behind 100%, and I think he was willing to have that culture experience, one more year.”

Dad Mike expanded by saying, “you know that passion, obviously is still there. You know, we could sense it in the tone of his voice and he’s ready to move on and give it all he’s got.”

We wondered if John would return after he was injured by Omar Payne at the SEC tournament, that factored into his decision, and what he called unfinished business.

We also know about the high road John took afterwards forgiving Omar Payne. Not surprised was Dad Mike, “you know, he understands the, the gravity of the game and it shows his character, you know, and the type of person that he wants to be.”

John told Vol Nation through a video release that he was coming back because he had some unfinished business to take care of. It’s certainly a boost for the team and for the coaching staff having a veteran like john run things out on the floor and Fulky agrees saying, “I do see myself as a player coach because I’ve played with coach Barnes for a while now, and I think that I know what he’s wanting and the system.”

Dad Mike adds, ” I think that it’s great to have a voice out there that can help the guys, you know, he was certainly committed his freshman year not just because of his, love for basketball but also love for the University. You know, being a state school, and you know that passion, obviously is still there.”

Mom says,”this year he had covid then in June and July, there was absence of really developing that team chemistry. I feel like if we can get back to, I guess, societal normalcy, that basketball will have its place of normalcy, they are as well.”

Mom Mona brought up a good point, John suffered through covid this past year and that set him back a bit and was another reason he’s looking forward to coming back next year.

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