Roadrunners reaching out for help with football program

Coach Antonio Mays talks about assisting AE students both on and off the field
Published: Apr. 21, 2021 at 10:42 AM EDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - It’s about bringing the Knoxville community together to help Austin-East. Part of that help has to do with the Roadrunners football program. Head coach Antonio Mays and his staff realized after last season that they could not recondition the team’s red helmets.

So following the season the coach began fundraising efforts to help his program, but the need still remains. That is why and with the help of parents, the program is reaching out to the surrounding community for help by establishing a GoFundMe page.

Coach Mays is hoping to secure some new concussion researched base helmets to outfit his players, promoting safety first for his team. The coach gives a shout out to the tech savvy younger coaches on his staff, who’ve helped him set this up. He says he’s gonna link the page to the school’s booster club account so folks know it’s totally legit and transparent for those who’d like to donate.

Coach Mays is quick to point out that they didn’t start this page as a result of what happened last week at the school. The idea to fund raise for this cause was actually born following the team’s final game of last season and it was just this Tuesday that a parent and assistant coach brought the idea to him.

Not lost on the coach is that today is the first day back for his athletes and the other students at Austin-East. Mays says his students are amazing! He says, “we’re gonna laugh, we’re gonna cry and if need be we’re gonna hug on each other. They’re stronger than I was at this age. Pray for strength and perseverance, but we’re family and we’re gonna be here for one another.”

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