Writers Block: “Norris & Duggar: Best Friends”

A new children’s book from two East Tennessee sisters brings the beauty and magic of Norris Lake to life.
East Tennessee sisters Linda Riggs & Nikki Fritts chat about their new children's book, "Norris & Duggar: Best Friends"
Published: May. 3, 2021 at 12:40 PM EDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -Growing up in East Tennessee, sisters Linda Riggs and Nikki Fritts couldn’t get enough of Norris Lake.

“It’s been one of our favorite spots to go to on vacation,” said Riggs, who teamed up with her sister Nikki to write a children’s book based on the lake. “We used to rent house boats, we used to rent houses. It was always a destination.”

Eventually, their dad purchased a house boat, allowing even more time for the family to be out on the water.

“We would always just be floating on the water, talking about everything. We came up with this book idea for a bluegill fish and a worm,” said Riggs.

A few years later, and that little book idea has come to fruition.

“Norris & Duggar: Best Friends” follows the life of Norris, a bluegill fish, who happens to find friendship with someone who could have been his lunch, a worm named Duggar.

The book that teaches kinds about friendship and how to be kind echoes the sentiments of those out enjoying the sunshine on Norris Lake.

“Everybody on the lake is usually in a happy good mood,” said Fritts. “That’s kind of where this book takes you. It’s all about friendship and being good to the people around you, even if other people aren’t. When you’re on the lake, you know, everybody’s throwing their hand up and waving extra as they go by and it’s just the perfect setting.”

Riggs and Fritts said they hope their book can bring a little piece of the joy they get from Norris Lake, into the lives of the children that read the book.

“Norris & Duggar: Best Friends” can be purchased on Amazon, and don’t forget to share a picture on Instagram of your kids learning all about Norris & Duggar.

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